Transatlantico B.V. is a Dutch limited liability corporation located in the Rotterdam port area, we started with the idea and mission to provide service par excellence, intermediate and facilitate between investors and business owners to execute their sustainable projects and trading with commodities and industrial equipment, we have access worldwide to sustainable projects, operations, funds, bank instruments, Tier one platinum trading platforms, investments, and facilitators. We committed ourselves to bring the best-added value and options on the table through creating joint working together of multidisciplinary fields of expertise. We also accompany projects with their financial needs, challenges and assistance in the execution of (forwarded) contracts with foreign currencies and trading with bank instruments.

We are partnering with the Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. in Australia  (http://newtech-group.net/)

Everardus G.M. Küttschreutter  &  Florin Rozescu

Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 71540105
V.A.T. (Btw nr.): NL858755531B01
EORI: NL858755531
NIF España: N0119716I
Tel NL: +31 618 294 593
Fax NL: +31 10 7866 311
Last update November 10th, 2021.